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About Lawrence, Kansas Bond Investors

Lawrence is the sixth largest city in the state of Kansas and the county seat of Douglas County, Kansas. It is located in northeastern Kansas next to Interstate 70, along the banks of the Kansas and Wakarusa Rivers. As of the 2010 census, the city's population was 87,643. Lawrence is a college town and is the home to the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University.

Lawrence was founded by the New England Emigrant Aid Company and was named for Amos Adams Lawrence who offered financial aid and support for the settlement. Lawrence was central to the Bleeding Kansas era and was the site of the Wakarusa War, the sacking of Lawrence, and the Lawrence Massacre.

Lawrence had its beginnings as a center of Kansas politics. However, its economy soon diversified into many industries including agriculture, manufacturing, and ultimately education, beginning with the founding of the University of Kansas in 1866, and later Haskell Indian Nations University in 1884.

Key Projects

2018 Water and Sewage Projects

2018 debt-financed projects of an estimated $16,000,000 will be:

  1. General improvements to Clinton and Kaw water treatment facilities and to raw water systems
  2. General improvements to water storage, pumping stations and automated metering infrastructure
  3. Watermain assessment, relocation, rehabilitation, replacement and extension
  4. Capital project and utility billing management
  5. General improvements to Kansas River and Wakarusa River wastewater treatment facilities
  6. General improvements to wastewater containment and pumping stations
  7. Rapid inflow/infiltration reduction program
  8. Sanitary sewer/manhole assessment, cured in place piping (CIPP), relocation, rehabilitation, replacement and extension
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General Obligation Bond Projects

General Obligation Bond, Series 2017-A

This series is being used to pay for the following five projects: 

  • Downtown Parking Garage
  • 3 Street projects
  • Maple Street Pump station

The Series 2017-A bonds are scheduled to be sold on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Facility Conservation Improvement Program (Green Bonds)

General Obligation Bond, Series 2017-B (Green Bonds)

The City of Lawrence is issuing the first green bonds in the State of Kansas! There are approximately 30 projects being funded through green bonds that impact more than 40 City facilities. 

The City of Lawrence hired a consulting firm to help find and implement energy efficient building improvements throughout the City. A full list of projects can be found in the City's Investment Grade Audit Report.

The Series 2017-B bonds are scheduled to be sold on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Fire Truck-Minibonds

General Obligation Bond, Series 2017-C (Minibonds)

The City is issuing minibonds for the first time! These bonds are being used to finance a fire truck. The City is working with Neighborly to market and sell these bonds to local residents.

Neighborly is the underwriter and is not affiliated with the City of Lawrence in any way, other than as the broker-dealer for this sale of minibonds. Additional information on the issue can be found here: Neighborly Lawrence, Kansas site

Neighborly also has a support center that can help answer questions regarding minibonds and how to set up an account to invest directly in Lawrence.

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The Team

Jeremy Willmoth

Director of Finance

(785) 832-3214


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Danielle Buschkoetter

Budget and Strategic Initiatives Manager

(785) 832-3337


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Jennifer Werth

Senior Accountant

(785) 832-3215


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