Green Bonds

Please use this link to view more information about the City's Green Bonds.

The City will use this section to post the following information regarding the issuance of Green Bonds and Green Projects:

  1. An annual update regarding the use of the proceeds of the Green Bonds, until all proceeds are fully expended. Once all proceeds of the Green Bonds have been expended, the City will not post any further updates regarding the expenditure of the Green Bonds proceeds
  2. The Investment Grade Audit
  3. Green Bond Impact Reports 
  4. The Measurement and Verification Reports received by the City

Green Bond Issues:

  1. The Investment Grade Audit is found here: Investment Grade Audit
  2. 2019-2020 Green Bond Impact Report
  3. Year 1 Measurement and Verification Report 2019Year 2 Measurement and Verification Report 2020